snakefinger's vestal virgins

night of desirable objects

2018 cd austria klanggalerie gg258

= reissue of the 1987 album with bonus material

   eric drew feldman: keyboards, synths, vocals
  john ryan: drums
  miguel bertel: guitar, vocals
  ben guy: bass, vocals
  snakefinger: guitar, violin, vocals, bottles
  dave barrett: tenor sax  5
  raoul di n. seimbote: piano  14
  steven mackay: tenor sax  14, 15
  josh ende: baritone sax  14
  richard marriott: trumpet, trombone, tenor sax  14
  sellier webster: backing vocals  9
  sue white: backing vocals  9
  christeen alicino: backing vocals  9

produced by snakefinger, howard johnston and eric drew feldman

  1. sophia's playful pipes
  2. there's no justice in life
  3. bless me for i have sinned
  4. jesus gave me water
  5. move
  6. the golden king
  7. bad day in bombay (parts I & II)
  8. 81/4
  9. i gave myself to you
  10. sawney bean / sawney's death dance
  11. this is not a disco song
  12. you're a can of gasoline (i'm a lighted match)
  13. artists in bed
  14. it hurts me, too
  15. hidden treasure
  16. mary ann
  17. wanderers return
  18. hollywood blues
  19. desert island woman