space orphans

SPACE ORPHANS is: Joe Nolan - Guitar/Vocals, Kelly L'Heureux - Bass, Frank Malec - Electric Piano/Keyboards and Chris Swirski - Drums. 

Joe and Chris formed a new group after their band Kimono Draggin' split up in 2011. Space Orphans sound is built upon athick foundation of scratchy guitars, weighty drums, relentlessly shifting rhythms and rowdy animated vocals. Their arrangement adds a blanket layer of cosmic essence, worthy of their name, while the musical structures are more focused and finely tuned.



  space orphans: shoegazy giuseppi and ricky ritardo
    (2012, 7", usa, spaynsive productions) - ltd edition of 200 copies on black or random colored vinyl

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  space orphans: space orphans
    (2013, lp-testpressing, spaynsive productions)

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  space orphans: space orphans
    (2013, lp, usa, spaynsive productions)

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  space orphans: live - 4 songs
    (2013, cdr-promo, usa, private release) - incl. 'camarillo brillo - muffin man' (frank zappa)

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  • 2012/10/27 concert 'Elm Bar', New Haven, CT, usa
    • sharing the bill with Sea Of Bones, Tomb & Thirst and Neurospora
  • 2012/11/10 concert 'Café Nine', New Haven, CT, usa
    • sharing the bill with Dignan Porch and Eraas

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