In 1969, the Spotnicks recorded Frank Zappa's 'Lumpy Gravy' as a b-side for their 'Diamonds' single. The track can also be found on various Spotnicks compilations.

  the spotnicks: diamonds / lumpy gravy
    (1969, 7", sweden, polydor nh 59787) – ‘lumpy gravy’ (frank zappa)
  the spotnicks: rarities
    (1987, lp, sweden, star club records 33-8028) - incl. 'lumpy gravy' (frank zappa)
spotnicks_raritieslp.jpg (29070 bytes)
  the spotnicks: karelia rarities
    (1992, cd, japan, king records kicp 2310) – incl. ‘lumpy gravy’ (frank zappa)
  the spotnicks: best selection
    (1994, cd, japan, century cecc-00698) – incl. ‘lumpy gravy’ (frank zappa)
  the spotnicks: the spotnicks in acapulco (mexico) + rarities
    (1997, cd, hungary, rock in box records rib cd 014) - incl. 'lumpy gravy' (frank zappa)
  the spotnicks: rare collection
    (1999, cd, usa, riverside records rrcd 2105) – incl. ‘lumpy gravy’ (frank zappa)
spotnicks_rarecollection.jpg (43680 bytes)
  the spotnicks: vol 6
    (2000, cd, fr, magic 5274762) – incl. ‘lumpy gravy’ (frank zappa)


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