stackwaddy / bugger off  = compilation
    - incl.'sure nuff 'n' yes i do' (van vliet), 'willie the pimp' (frank zappa)

1994 cd uk see for miles records seecd407

john knail: vocals, harp
mick stott: guitar
stuart banham: bass
steve revell: drums

  1. roadrunner (mcdaniels)

  2. bring it to jerome (green)

  3. mothballs (knail/banham/revell/stott)

  4. sure nuff 'n' yes i do (van vliet/bermann)

  5. love story (anderson)

  6. suzie q (hawkins/lewis/broodwater)

  7. country line special (davies)

  8. rolling stone (morganfield)

  9. mystic eyes (morrison)

  10. kentucky (knail/banham/revell/stott)
  11. rosalyn (duncan/farley)

  12. willie the pimp (zappa)

  13. hoochie coochie man (dixon)

  14. it's all over now (womack)

  15. several yards (knail/banham/stott/groom)

  16. you really got me (davies)

  17. i'm a lover not a fighter (miller)

  18. meat pies 'ave come but band's not here yet (knail/banham/stott/groom)

  19. it ain't easy (unknown)

  20. long tall shorty (covay/abramson)

  21. repossession boogie (knail/banham/stott/groom)