Experimental rock / jazz / electronic music from Belgium.

Andrew Claes: saxophone
Joris Caluwaerts: keyboard
Dries Laheye: bass
Lander Gyselinck: drums
Mixmonster Menno: samples


  various artists: ham sessions - 2014
    (2014, cd-promo, bel, private release) - incl. laughing bastards, dans dans, stuff, moker
hamsessions2014.jpg (27924 bytes)
  stuff: s/t
    (2015, lp + cd, bel, buteo buteo butbut30lp)
stuff_2015cd.jpg (28058 bytes)
  stuff: old dreams new planets
    (2017, cd, bel, buteo)
stuff_olddreams.jpg (27423 bytes)
  stuff: t(h)reats
    (2021, cd, bel, sdban)



Lander Gyselinck on the cover of Knack Focus magazine, July 15, 2015.

The 10-page interview mentions Frank Zappa as an influence, and the Zappa tribute project that he contributes to, called Sinister Sister.




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