chester thompson

a joyful noise
    - feat.charles owens, walt fowler, steve fowler, bruce fowler and george duke

1991 cd usa blue moon / moo records r2 79341

chester thompson: percussion, arranger, drums, keyboards, programming, vocals, producer, drums (electric), sequencing, percussion programming, vocal percussion
brenda white: vocals, production assistant
greg walker: vocals
ronnie vann: guitar (electric), vocals
kevin toney: arranger, keyboards
roz clark thompson: vocals
akil thompson: vocals, drums (electric)
katsuyoshi sakamoto: artist coordination
wendy sacks: vocals
hal sacks: engineer, mixing
otmaro ruz: arranger, keyboards, soloist
mike rosen: synthesizer programming
charles owens: sax (tenor)
yoshio maki: vocals
jay leach: guitar (acoustic), pedal steel, guitar (electric), soloist
harry kim: trumpet
hiro iljima: executive producer
pewee hill: bass, vocals, engineer, midi bass
michiko hill: piano, keyboards, vocals
pamela deuel hart: vocals
freddie fox: guitar (electric)
wally fowler's tennessee valley boys: flugelhorn
steve fowler: flute, sax (alto), soloist
bruce fowler: trombone, soloist
brandon fields: sax (tenor), soloist
paul estrup: production assistant
george duke: synthesizer, soloist
debra dobkin: percussion
gerald albright: sax (tenor), soloist

produced by chester thompson and yoshio maki

  1. tropical sunday  (chester thompson, arr.otmaro ruiz)
  2. so-soka (chester thompson, arr.otmaro ruiz)
  3. homeland  (chester thompson, kevein toney, arr.kevin toney)
  4. drums are loud  (chester thompson, arr.chester thompson)
  5. a joyful noise  (chester thompson, arr.chester thompson
  6. chunky  (chester thompson, arr.chester thompson)
  7. jussa thang  (chester thompson, kevin toney, arr.kevin toney)
  8. cool grove  (chester thompson, michiko hill, arr.michiko hill)
  9. raw  (chester thompson, arr.chester thompson)
  10. addatude  (chester thompson, arr.michiko hill)
  11. amazing grace  (john newton, arr.chester thompson)