david tanenbaum

david tanenbaum recorded frank zappa's 'waltz for guitar'.

  david tanenbaum: david tanenbaum
    (1997, cd, usa, new albion records na095) – incl. ‘waltz for guitar’ (frank zappa)


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     from: michael madden (michael.madden@btinternet.com)
     subject: david tanenbaum cd featuring zappa
the earliest piece on the recording is a little serial exercise by frank zappa. at age 18, zappa was experimenting with serialism and the guitar and tossed off waltz for guitar. it remained unknown until keyboard and guitar player magazine published a zappa celebration edition in 1992. i have a copy of the magazine if you would like to see a copy of the music.
best wishes
michael madden

     from: marc de bruyn (emdebe@village.uunet.be)
"waltz for guitar" is a rare fz composition; another cover version can be found on bonnen: "oh no" (1994, obst cd p330.6).

david tanenbaum made his debut at the age of 16 and has since performed in recitals, masterclasses and with orchestras throughout the united states, canada, europe, the former soviet union and china. he has been guest soloist with the london sinfonietta, oakland symphony and germany's orf orchester, and, as guest guitar soloist with the joffrey ballet, with the chicago, san francisco, oregon and seattle symphony orchestras. he has also appeared with the kronos and shanghai quartets and steve reich and musicians, and has been a featured soloist at numerous festivals, including those of bath, luzern, frankfurt, barcelona, finland, hungary and carmel and san luis obispo.


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