george thorogood & the destroyers

rockin' my life away
    – incl. ‘trouble every day’ (frank zappa)

1997 cd usa emi records e2 56220
1997 cd nl emi records 7243 8 56220 2 1

george thorogood: guitar, vocals
tony berg: tambourine
billy blough: bass
hank carter: guitar, keyboards, saxophone, vocals
tobi miller: "the pro-tools guy"
jeff simon: drums
waddy wachtel: guitar

produced by waddy wachtel & the delaware destroyers

  1. get back into rockin' (williams)
  2. trouble everyday (zappa)
  3. night rider (thorogood)
  4. usual (hiatt)
  5. living with the shades pulled down (haggard)
  6. manhattan slide (james)
  7. rockin' my life away (vickery)
  8. jail bait (williams)
  9. my dog can't bark (smothers)
  10. blues hang-over (moore/west)
  11. stoop down (hines/willis)
  12. rock & roll man (thorogood)