gloop nox & the stik people

continuing where the beatles left off
= jim nevius / john trubee

2015 lp usa trubee records 7300222

recorded august 2011 in locktown, new jersey

jim nevius: vocals, electric guitar
john trubee: electric guitar
paula cohen: electric guitar
bob sandor: electric bass
ken lawrence: drums
scott simon: keyboards, background vocals, circus announcer voice

produced and engineered by scott simon

side one

  1. big black train  (john trubee)
  2. world of misery  (john trubee)
  3. in loving memory  (john trubee)
  4. electric love nudity supreme  (john trubee)

side two

  1.  crazy crescent moon  (jim nevius)
  2. what i did to you  (jim nevius)
  3. time on my hands  (jim nevius)
  4. bye to me  (jim nevius)
  5. ex-lax superstars from hell vomiting in ecstasy  (john trubee)