mads tolling quartet

celebrating jean-luc ponty - live at yoshi's
- incl. 'king kong' (frank zappa) and various jean-luc ponty compositions

2012 cd usa madsman records mt-02

recorded at 'yoshi's' in akland, california on 2011/05/30

mads tolling: violin
mike abraham: guitar
george ban-weiss: bass
eric garland: drums

produced by mads tolling & dan feiszli

  1. lila's dance  (mclaughlin)
  2. song to john  (clarke)
  3. old country  (adderley)
  4. struggle of the turtle - intro  (ponty)
  5. king kong  (zappa)
  6. enigmatic ocean  (ponty)
  7. bowing bowing  (ponty)
  8. struggly of the turtle - outro  (ponty)
  9. last memories of her  (ponty)
  10. new country  (ponty)
  11. beatrice  (rivers)
  12. intro to pontyfication  (tolling)
  13. pontyfication  (tolling)