taco the wonderdog

covers the hats
    - incl.'moonlight on vermont', 'egypt sue' (van vliet), 'love of my life' (frank zappa)

?? cdr ?? private release

taco the wonderdog

  1. indtyoruxciton

  2. don't do the squirrel

  3. lalalall

  4. 4

  5. advetures of my car11111

  6. the numabr one hit single si awlways track 6

  7. track 7

  8. moonlight on vermont (van vliet)

  9. busehgriuhisdhtriuuigh awioejfwoiewf

  10. parka eat

  11. go to stan

  12. loaf of my life (frank zappa)

  13. nooo!!!! . no!!!!n o no non onon ono

  14. the tom hanks song

  15. wild shoes

  16. wild boots

  17. caveat (live at the filo or roxbury or something)

  18. serenade to a jerk (first movement)

  19. serenade to a jerk (second movecnemt)

  20. serenade to a jerk (forth movemenat)

  21. the yeast infection song (by amelia g)

  22. mystery track

  23. party music (extended dance rmix)

  24. cardboard orangutang (live in front of my parents)

  25. a thankgiving song

  26. soup with dukcs

  27. sue egyp5yt (van vliet)

  28. let's wtttwist again

  29. lets throw molten glasss at eachothters heads!!!!!!!!!!

  30. lucy liu is a monstar

  31. hidden boen and hidden gristle

  32. chain off fools

  33. the end

  34. the squirrel (by dj pants)