marieta tamarit

    - incl. frank zappa compositions

2012 cd spain hall of fame 075

a fine selection of songs from caballero reynaldo's previously released records

marieta tamarit: vocals
luis g.: acoustic guitar, bass & drums
manoel macia: cardinal guitars
ozcar mccuenca: horns
luis prado: piano

revised, remixed, remasteredn and re-produced by luis g.

  1. sweet georgia brown  (bernie, pinkard, kasey)
  2. tears of joy  (scarpa)
  3. don't stop  (mcvie)
  4. he's so gay  (zappa)
  5. all of me  (marks, seymour)
  6. come closer miss braun  (scarpa)
  7. aybe sea  (zappa)
  8. mudd club  (zappa)
  9. love of my life  (f.mercury)
  10. muffin man  (zappa)
  11. do the baccarola  (scarpa)
  12. california girls  (wilson, love)
  13. i have been in you  (zappa)
  14. moonchild  (fripp, mcdonalds, lake, giles)