2011 cd usa melorirock records

originally written and recorded in 1987 - 1988

  david cumming: vocals, guitars, synthesizers
  jeffrey nead: drums, percussion, backing vocals
  kevin russell: guitars, backing vocals
  arthur barrow: bass, keyboards
  earl slick: guitars ('cupid's arrow')
  the fowler brothers (bruce fowler, walt fowler, steve fowler): horns ('lust for gold')

all songs by david cumming and jeffrey nead except for 'writing on the wall' and 'never lived a dream' by david cumming, jeffrey nead and jesse harms

produced by arthur barrow and taxxi

  1. writing on the wall (4:17)

  2. i just want to be with you (3:54)

  3. i want you back (4:20)

  4. last of the red hot lovers (4:51)

  5. never lived a dream (4:14)

  6. one man one voice (3:58)

  7. cupids arrow (4:14)

  8. lust for gold (4:10)

  9. it ain't over (4:14)

  10. hot shot (3:29)

  11. restless heart (4:26)