the thurston lava tube

move over rover, let clover take over
    - incl. 'lumpy gravy' (frank zappa)

2003 cd uk cordelia records cd032

  mat bartram: drums
  johnny pacino: bass
  blodwyn p.teabag: organ
  alan jenkins: guitar
  andy nicholls: tenor sax

all compositions by alan jenkins, except where noted

  1. penetration (steve leonard)
  2. gluon boy
  3. lumpy gravy (frank zappa)
  4. the man with no ping
  5. dogmatic
  6. lullaby of the leaves (bernice petkere)
  7. func_surf entity (mat bartram, alan jenkins, blodwyn p.teabag)
  8. rocket science
  9. being and nothingness
  10. pempslider
  11. fox sharp, badger minor
  12. don't eat aluminium
  13. dogs are from pluto
  14. forget about freeman