tinsel town rebellion band

plays frank zappa - absolutely live
    - all compositions by frank zappa

1998 cd ger lux

recorded live 1997/11/07 en 1997/11/08 in aachen, germany

markus bothe: guitar, vocals and grave diggin'
christian henke: guitar, vocals and ice cubes
antoine pütz: bass, vocals and ridiculous hats
thomas berndt: keyboards, vocals and decadent dance
stefan michalke: keyboards and "sorry"
jürgen karle: mallets, percussion and things
horst schippers: drums, vocals and housing
christoph fischer: trumpet and audience counting
eon oligschläger: trombone and parking space
johannes flamm: alto sax and sports advising
manfred cogel: tenor sax and daddy
harald königs: baritone sax and conversational attempts

  1. easy meat
  2. who needs the peace corps?
  3. rhynin' man
  4. lucille has messed my mind up
  5. filthy habits
  6. cruisin' for burgers
  7. florentine pogen
  8. let's move to cleveland
  9. the idiot bastard son
  10. any kind of pain
  11. baby snakes
  12. wind up working in a gas station
  13. black napkins
  14. zomby woof
  15. bolero  (ravel)
  16. sofa #1