Tohpati is the guitar player of simakDIALOG. Since 1998, Tohpati has also been releasing solo records.

On his solo records, Tohpati combines jazz-rock / fusion with Indonesian rhythms.



1 tohpati: tohpati
    (1998, cd, indonesia, sony music)

tohpati_cd1998.jpg (12581 bytes)

2 tohpati: serampang samba
    (2002, cd, indonesia, sony music)

tohpati_serampangcd.jpg (13361 bytes)

3 tohpati: it's time
    (2008, cd, indonesia, sony music)

tohpati_itstime_cd.jpg (15531 bytes)

4 tohpati ethnomission: save the planet
    (2010, cd, usa, moonjune mjr035)

tohpati_savetheplanet.jpg (19126 bytes)


tohpati bertiga: riot
    (2012, cd, usa, moonjune mjr045)

thopati_riot.jpg (122161 bytes)


tohpati: tribal dance
    (2014, cd, usa, moonjune mjr064)

tohpati_tribaldance.jpg (48602 bytes)



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