the tone stonies

absolutely freaks
- incl. various frank zappa compositions

2011 cd usa private release

recorded at ex'pression, emeryville, ca, usa

dave backer: bass
shaky ceasefire: guitar, vocals
greg lindsay: drums
db jones: guitar, keys, vocals


  1. hungry freaks daddy  (frank zappa)

  2. you're probably wondering why i'm here  (frank zappa)

  3. i'm not satisfied  (frank zappa)

  4. femme fatale  (lou reed)

  5. ain't got no heart  (frank zappa)

  6. laugh laugh  (ron elliott)

  7. the crystal ship  (the doors)

  8. my head is my only house unless it rains  (don van vliet)

  9. shapes of things  (p.samwell-smith, k.relf, j.mccarty)

  10. you didn't try to call me  (frank zappa)

  11. how could i be such a fool?  (frank zappa)

  12. any way the wind blows  (frank zappa)

  13. stuff up the cracks  (frank zappa)