the tone stonies

needle in the tone arm
- incl. 'i'm gonna booglarize you (baby)' (don van vliet), 'take your clothes off when you dance' (frank zappa)

2017 cd usa private release

recorded at ex'pression, emeryville, ca, usa

shaky ceasefire: guitar, vocals
mad mike madarasz: guitar
jamie caprese: guitar
big wave dave: bass
martian jones: drums, percussion
decibel jones: bass and keys
big leg greg: drums  3, 4
fezboy slim: all the rest

  1. rocks off  (m.jagger, k.richards)

  2. women vs men  (david byrne)

  3. friday on my mind  (g.vanda, g.young)

  4. i am waiting  (m.jagger, k.richards)

  5. i'm gonna booglarize you (baby)  (d.van vliet)

  6. it ain't me babe  (b.dylan)

  7. heroin  (l.reed)

  8. journey to the center of mind  (s.farmer, t.nugent)

  9. these boots are made for walking  (l.hazlewood)

  10. take your clothes off when you dance  (f.zappa)