second slam
    - incl. 'willie & sadie'  (trad. / frank zappa / strother)

2000 cd usa muddy river records mrcd0235


chip taylor smith: fiddle, pedal steel, vocals
jim reidy: tenor guitar, banjo, vocals
pk strother: telecaster guitar, vocals
robbie phillips: washtub
mickey bones: drums, percussion
bob jordan: guitar

produced by sal magundi

  1. loud mouth

  2. my love is like a tyre

  3. whiskey willie

  4. my old man

  5. givin' bob a ride

  6. driving wheel

  7. a22

  8. i like monkeys

  9. surprise party

  10. willie & sadie  (trad. / frank zappa / strother)

  11. you made me what i am

  12. ring of fire

  13. the miracle of ken