Dutch septet Vlek's music has its roots in the psychedelic and the prog rock music of the 1970's. The band hails from around Tilburg, started in 2009 and released its first album in 2013.



1 vlek: speck
    (2013, cd, nl, private release)

vlek_speck.jpg (41741 bytes)

2 vlek: smoking gun
    (2014, cd, nl, private release)

vlek_smokinggun.jpg (40788 bytes)

3 vlek: music on the far side of the moon
    (2018, download, bel, el negocito enr057)
4 vlek: rumble, vlek in neerpelt
    (2018, download, bel, el negocito)
  vlek: 2009 - 2018
    (2018, 2cd + 2 x download, bel, el negocito) = download "speck" + download "smoking gun" + cd "on the far side of the moon" + cd "rumble, vlek in neerpelt"




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