various artists

25 years of strictly country
    – incl.: mutsers & vangerven: ‘sofa’ (frank zappa)

1996 3cd nl strictly country 45


  1. val, joe and the new england... : ‘prisoner's song’

  2. fiction brothers : ‘i'm gonna go to work on monday one more...’

  3. moffat, high : ‘rose of my heart’

  4. good ol' persons: ‘think about me’

  5. cloud valley: ‘clarinet polka’

  6. brewer, gary & the kentucky ramblers: ‘reach out and touch the lord’

  7. de stroatklinkers: ‘zoltkamp’

  8. staber, dick / yonder city: ‘bed on the floor’

  9. blue flame stringband: ‘crowly waltz’

  10. jimenez, santiago jr. : ‘volver, volver’

  11. trefoil: ‘een vrolijk’

  12. rector, red / stover, don / ag / kate: ‘somebody loves you, darling’

  13. grassoline: ‘rockbridge county’

  14. lewis, laurie / street, grant: ‘haven of mercy’

  15. stockwell brothers: ‘southbound’

  16. jones, chris: ‘dark side of the moon’

  17. kallick, kathy: ‘my clinch mountain home’

  18. kahn, si:  ‘molly in the mill’

  19. high country: ‘send me your address from heaven’

  20. mutsers / vangerven: ‘sofa’

  21. olney, david: ‘poor clothing’

  22. hollow, traver: ‘teardrops are falling in the snow’

  23. tashian, barry / tashian, holly: ‘blues for dixie’

  24. run, whestone: ‘talking about that old-time religion’

  25. new lowland: ‘it's just like heaven’

  26. big dogs: ‘high sierras’

  27. spruce pine: ‘looking through the windows of heaven’

  28. ag / kate: ‘come let us join our friends above’

  29. mccoury, del / dixie pals: ‘good man like me’

  30. huber, steve: ‘wait until tomorrow’

  31. mackenzie, kate / stoney lonesome: ‘said i wasn't gonna tell nobody’

  32. dowling, mike: ‘deep river blues’

  33. meyer, liz: ‘gone’

  34. crary, dan: ‘little sadie’

  35. weary hearts: ‘waltz of the wind’

  36. jerrycan: ‘stone man mountain’

  37. louvin, charlie: ‘make him a soldier’

  38. clifton, bill / rector, red / stampler, art: ‘won't it be wonderful there’

  39. white mountain bluegrass: ‘stranger in my home’

  40. arita, yoshihiro: ‘fishers hornpipes’

  41. reckless fingers: ‘walk with me’

  42. paisley, bob / southern grass: ‘behind these prison waltz of love’

  43. alabama country boys: ‘tik-a-tee, tik-a-tay’

  44. jimmy gaudreau's bluegrass unit: ‘drifting to far from the shore’

  45. williams, robin / williams, linda: ‘seventeen years old’

  46. van meter, sally / fassaert, tammy band: ‘montana cowboy’