various artists

arf-society's black cd / zappanale #8
    - all compositions by frank zappa

1998 cd  ger fz 2112
      ltd edition of 500 copies

recorded 1997/08/01 & 02 at "zappanale no.8", in althof, germany

by the arf society

rubbers of prevention
arnie fruit quartet
    with special guest:
matthew galaher: guitar, vocals
sheik yerbouti

  1. rubbers of prevention: 'intro'
  2. rubbers of prevention: ‘medley’
  3. rubbers of prevention: ’love of my life’
  4. rubbers of prevention: ’road ladies’
  5. rubbers of prevention: ’take your clothes off when you dance’
  6. rubbers of prevention: ’what's the ugliest part of your body?'
  7. arnie fruit quartet: 'german mistakes'
  8. arnie fruit quartet: ‘the purple lagoon’
  9. arnie fruit quartet: ’little umbrellas’
  10. arnie fruit quartet: ’uncle meat’
  11. arnie fruit quartet: ’louie louie’
  12. arnie fruit quartet: ’peaches en regalia’
  13. arnie fruit quartet: ’son of mr. green genes'
  14. sheik yerbouti: ‘easy meat’
  15. sheik yerbouti: ’baby snakes’
  16. sheik yerbouti: ’the dead girls of london’
  17. sheik yerbouti: ’what's new in baltimore?’
  18. sheik yerbouti: ’brown shoes don't make it’
  19. sheik yerbouti: ’we will fuck you’
  20. sheik yerbouti: ’flakes'