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the blorp esette gazette - volume two

201? cd usa transparency 0383


the blorp esette gazette

compiled by ace farren ford & ju suk reet meate for ace & duce

volume two - the winter edition

with six-panel digipak artwork by rick potts

  1. the reverend toad-eater: sugar n' spikes (solo fender bass) {don van vliet}

  2. smegma: happy holidays (live at the getty)

  3. rick potts: pretty bird (hartz mountain remix)

  4. skip heller: dave alvin

  5. clown car: savoir-faire

  6. electric bill robinson: sweet and sour bliss

  7. mr. les franklin: the dutch oven

  8. mannlicher carcano: broken glass

  9. don lewis: breathing port space

  10. amp (ace, mars, pierre): track 10

  11. raw dog benson: milk of amnesia

  12. kommissar hjuler und frau mama baer: cunnilingus

  13. dead channel: rephrased lives

  14. john duncan: stayalive