various artists

the complete dandelion records singles collection 1969 - 1972
    - incl. stackwaddy: 'willie the pimp' (frank zappa)

2006 3cd uk cherryred records crcd box1


disc one

  1. beau: 1917 revolution
  2. beau: sleeping town
  3. bridget st john: to b without a hitch
  4. bridget st john: autumn lullaby
  5. principal edwards magic theatre: ballad (of the big girl now and a mere boy
  6. prinicpal edwards magic theatre: lament for the earth
  7. clague: mandy lee
  8. clague: bottle up and go
  9. clague: the stride
  10. clague: i wonder where
  11. gene vincent: be-bop-a-alula '69
  12. gene vincent: ruby bay
  13. medicine head: his guiding hand
  14. medicine head: this love of old
  15. mike  hart: yawney morning song
  16. mike hart: almost liverpool
  17. bill oddie: on ilkla moor baht'at
  18. bill oddie: harry krishna
  19. gene vincent: white lightning
  20. gene vincent: scarlet ribbon (for her hair)
  21. medicine  head: coast to coast (& shore to shore)
  22. medicine head: all for tomorrow

disc two

  1. stackwaddy: roadrunner
  2. stackwaddy: kentucky
  3. bridget st john: if you've got money
  4. bridget st john: yep
  5. prinicpal edwards magic theatre: the asmoto running band
  6. stackwaddy: mothballs
  7. siren: lonesome ride
  8. the way we live: king dick II
  9. siren: strange locomotion
  10. siren: i'm all aching
  11. medicine head: (and the) pictures in the sky
  12. medicine head: natural sight
  13. the yamasukis: yamasuki
  14. the yamasukis: aieaoa
  15. the coxhill/bedford duo: pretty little girl pt.1
  16. the coxhill/bedford duo: pretty little girl pt.2
  17. medicine head: kum on
  18. medicine head: on the land
  19. bridget st john fly high
  20. bridget st john: there's a place i know
  21. bridget st john suzanne

disc three

  1. will dandy & dandylettes: sonny boay / oh mein papa
  2. the coxhill/bedford duo: mood
  3. supersister: no tree will grow
  4. supersister: she was naked
  5. tractor: stoney glory
  6. tractor: marie
  7. tractor: as you say
  8. medicine head: only to do what is true
  9. medicine head: sittin' in the sun
  10. stackwaddy: you really got me
  11. stackwaddy: willie the pimp  (frank zappa
  12. kevin coyne: cheat me
  13. kevin coyne: flowering cherry
  14. clifford t ward: carrie
  15. clifford t ward: sidetracked
  16. bridget st john: nice
  17. bridget st john: goodbaby goodbye
  18. medicine head: how does it feel
  19. medicine head: morning light
  20. clifford t ward: coathanger
  21. cliffor t ward: rayne