various artists

fab first five

1993 k7 bel lama tapes 008

all tracks were previously available on other lama tapes releases

side a

  1. les chiens comiques: music for passing traings
  2. tom's toilet foundation: tea for two children
  3. j.phlitman & k.kangaroo: he is a man
  4. k.kangaroo: i'm busy
  5. the ketchup cowboys: sunday blues
  6. tom's toilet foundation: poor harry and the indian
  7. k.kangaroo: mother died on a hill
  8. the ketchup cowboys: the ketchup cowboys
  9. les chiens comiques: cambodian ried on the outside
  10. j.phlitman & k.kangaroo: faustocoppi
  11. tom's toilet foundation: blue for you
  12. k.kangaroo: bring the women to the river (excerpt)

side b

  1. the ketchup cowboys: neptune
  2. j.phlitman & k.kangaroo: friendly natives
  3. tom's toilet foundation: ice cream girl
  4. les chiens comiques: the sweet song
  5. k.kangaroo: mud from outerspace
  6. j.phlitman & k.kangaroo: return of the son of anatevka
  7. tom's toilet foundation: heaven
  8. the ketchup cowboys: she snapshots me
  9. k.kangaroo: phlitman vs. japanese people
  10. les chiens comiques: enemies from canada
  11. tom's toilet foundation: phonetroubles
  12. k.kangaroo: doghunters' sock / a bad holiday
  13. les chiens comiques: oil mary oil