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frank zappa's jukebox

2008 cd uk chrome dreams cdcd5023

the album comes in a cardboard box, and includes a 16 page booklet

  1. the robins: riot in cell block no. 9  (leiber, stoller)
  2. richard berry: louie louie  (berry)
  3. hank ballard and the midnighters: work with me annie  (ballard)
  4. edgard varèse: ionisation  (varèse)
  5. lightnin' slim: my starter won't work  (west)
  6. clarence gatemouth brown: okie dokie stomp  (davis)
  7. don & dewey: leavin' it all up to you  (harris, terry)
  8. howlin' wolf: i asked for water (she gave me gasoline)  (johnson)
  9. the channels: the closer you are  (lewis, robinson)
  10. the clovers: your cash ain't nothing but trash  (calhoun)
  11. muddy waters: louisiana blues  (waters)
  12. cecil taylor: song  (taylor)
  13. andre williams: bacon fat  (williams)
  14. the chips: rubber biscuit  (epps, fulton, johnson, lincoln, strain)
  15. anton webern: bagatelle (opus 9)  (webern)
  16. anton webern: symphony (opus 21)  (webern)
  17. four deuces: w.p.l.j.  (mcdaniel, dobard)
  18. the turbans: no no cherry  (caesar, gray)
  19. eric dolphy: out there  (dolphy)
  20. guitar slim: the story of my life  (jones)
  21. johnny guitar watson: three hours past midnight  (watson, ling)
  22. little richard: directly from my heart  (penniman)
  23. the cadets: stranded in the jungle  (smith, johnson, curry)
  24. igor stravinsky: rite of spring (extract)  (stravinsky)
  25. igor stravinsky: rite of spring (extract)  (stravinsky)
  26. tony allen: nite owl  (allen)