various artists

the fundamental hymnal
    - incl.camper van chadbourne: 'zappa medley' (frank zappa)

1989 cd austria save 79 cd


tracks 11 - 13 are bonus tracks and not found on the vinyl release


  1. butthole surfers: mexican caravan

  2. sylvia juncosa: one in three

  3. naked prey: one even stand

  4. shock therapy: touch me and die

  5. savage republic: sucker punch

  6. drowning pool: black baghdad

  7. shiva burlesque: the black ship

  8. colorblind james experience: considering a move to memphis

  9. eugene chadbourne: the ring

  10. red temple spirits: the soft machine

  11. ritual tension: hotel california

  12. henry rollins: gun in mouth blues

  13. camper van chadbourne: zappa medley