various artists

ghosts are very strong

2003 cdr bel lama 011

a modern bog cover compilation

compiled by kim kangaroo

cover by keet

  1. john m.allen: mondoberg
  2. perverted lo fi orkester: i'm the termite
  3. mr dogbone: boots in the woods
  4. moshi moshi men: he was better dead
  5. mundomatto: the heart-song
  6. david treesome and the row: a ship for a bird
  7. ill-bred weeds: he was better dead / the end
  8. aavon durckheim: the pip song
  9. Ł:wŁt: the dance of the stork
  10. onehouse: between the lines
  11. the videos: bad skeletons are just like pudding
  12. jens the ballroom-dj: bus without wheels
  13. perverted lo fi orkester: the werewolf again
  14. les pieds philosophes: the first step on the moon
  15. lost lovers: die !!!
  16. john m.allen: (excepts from) the diary of god
  17. jan b.bubblegum: golliwog