various artists

i walked out into the night and the vegetables began to howl

2019 cd uk cordelia records cd087

 = sampler


  1. alan jenkins: hare patrol
  2. jimmy creasey: 2000 light years from home
  3. alan jenkins: emile zola
  4. the deep freeze mice: a red light for the greens
  5. culpho dog gymkhana: the asteroid fourteen
  6. spanner jazz punks: lumpy gravy  (frank zappa)
  7. r.stevie moore with alan jenkins and thekettering: cauliflower ear
  8. aaaaaaaaxb: whale fall
  9. r.stevie moore: the holocaust parade
  10. alan jenkins and the thurston lava tube: the enduring appeal of dwarves
  11. the kettering vampires: she loves you
  12. alan jenkins: free surf music #4 (extract d)
  13. chato segerer: rollo
  14. the deep freeze mice: down to a proton
  15. the kettering vampires: i'm waiting for the man
  16. the thurston lava tube: the hitler goat fuck
  17. alan jenkins: cheese string theory
  18. alan jenkins: die gefreiter pfeffer kontktbörse band
  19. the moths: moulted fur from a labrador
  20. los banditos: personal jesus
  21. ruth's refrigerator: hi felicity
  22. zappatistas: oh no
  23. the pterodactyls: the laughing gnome
  24. alan jenkins: the totem pole of magnetic insects