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next stop... soweto vol.2

2010 cd-promo ger strut records strut057cd

"vol.2: soul, funk & organ grooves from the townships 1969-1976"

compiled by duncan brooker and francis gooding

  1. j.k. mayengar and the shingwedzi sisters: khubani

  2. mahotella queens: wozani mahipi

  3. the heroes: come with me

  4. the monks: blockhead

  5. bra sello & his band: soul time nzimande go

  6. the toreadors: gwinyitshe

  7. the heroes: funky message

  8. the klooks: nkuli's shuffle

  9. the soul prophets: soul 'imbaq'

  10. phillip malela and the movers: intandane (part 1)

  11. bazali bam: bazali bam

  12. the mgababa queens: akulalwa soweto

  13. down tones: short man's soul

  14. the s.a. move: skophom

  15. the heshoo beshoo band: wait and see

  16. philip malela: tiba kamo

  17. the grasshoppers: i am there

  18. electric six: lovey-wami

  19. the anchors: last time

  20. flaming souls: mosquito

  21. soul throbs: little girl

  22. gibson kente: saduva