various artists

ox-compilation #105
    - incl. ostrich von nipple

2012 cd ger ox fanzine

cd that came with the december 2012 issue of ox fanzine


  1. dropkick murphys: rose tattoo

  2. pipes and pints: never let you down

  3. waves of fury: businessman's guide to witchcraft

  4. hold on tight: hometown

  5. arliss  nancy: failure

  6. harful: like a dog

  7. house of dolls: lovers & clowns

  8. sworn liars: deep

  9. the bloodtypes: the day the sun explodes

  10. black again: blind rage

  11. nuisance of majority: whatever

  12. black sheriff: night terrors

  13. riots: we're all slaves

  14. ostrich von nipple: swarm & punctuate again

  15. les trucs: i like cats

  16. xaxaxa: kolku nazad mozes da se vratis

  17. for reasons of state: can you turn the music up now that we're dying

  18. gruppe 80: dein viertel

  19. rasender stillstand: 90-60-90

  20. raptus: die wut bleibt

  21. incoming leergut: die schönsten schaufelradbaggerstrecken deutschlands

  22. mofakette: geister

  23. die angst: engelmacher