various artists

quantum wampum presents a tribute to the residents
    - incl. various artists playing residents compositions

2014 k7 usa quantum wampum qw no.15


side a

  1. parlay droner: in the beginning
  2. doko penzo: bach is dead 1
  3. native mode: smelly tongues
  4. skybattl: the festival of death (excerpt)
  5. nicolette spiranovich & michael chattem: suburban bathers
  6. doko penzo: bach is dead 2
  7. dnibquip: forty four no more
  8. mariel partridge: rabbit habit

side b

  1. frank hurricane: when we were young
  2. hash blade: eloise
  3. watermelon: time's up
  4. bryan reynolds: caring
  5. the walding family: medicine man
  6. player 2: third reich
  7. doko penzo: bach is dead 3
  8. scrolls of wisdom: ohm is where the art is