various artists

the residents unmasked! 2

1995 k7 usa ecto tapes ecto 41

compiled by ???

all compositions by the residents


side a

  1. x-ray pop: puzzle bibop residents boom boom

  2. tom bruny: eloise

  3. the buds: ships a-goin' down

  4. the buds: smelly tongues

  5. wckr spgt: the act of being polite

  6. volkswhale: 3c's

  7. cervis: hello skinny

  8. paul petroskey: mellon collie lassie

  9. paul petroskey: possessions

  10. paul petroskey: march de la winni

side b

  1. syringe: loser=weed

  2. boy in love: boy in love

  3. regicide bureau: bach is dead

  4. regicide bureau: dumbo, the clown that loved christmas

  5. m. nomized: land of 1000 dances/double shot

  6. occupant: smelly tongues

  7. diledadafish: walter westinghouse