various artists

the godfather of odd, a hardy fox tribute

2019 cd austria klanggalerie gg300



  1. blaine l. reininger: autumn shore
  2. the residents: if only
  3. harry lagousis: drossing up in space
  4. palo alto: el ralpho
  5. laurie amat: he said
  6. harvey & nipple: teddy
  7. carla fabrizio: inter
  8. ddaa: adios come again
  9. cult with no name: i hate heaven
  10. jg thirlwell: trouble adore
  11. renaldo & the loaf: mahogany wood
  12. steven brown: the yawn song
  13. uz jsme doma & randy: never known questions
  14. pt˘se: the black hound shrine
  15. fred frith: almost certain