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unmatched - tributo a zappa
    all compositions by frank zappa

1996 cd spain hall of fame records hof-009-cd


zappa tribute album (volume 1)

all compositions by frank zappa

  1. the tea servants: ‘let's make the water turn black’
  2. mil dolores pequenos: ‘willie the pimp’
  3. caballero reynaldo: ‘lumpy gravy’
  4. joni kontrol band: ‘i'm the slime’
  5. dream lovers: ‘the dukes of prunes’
  6. amor sucio: ‘dirty love’
  7. little fish: ‘village of the sun’
  8. la mano izquierda: ‘help, i'm a rock’
  9. los brujos: ‘anyway the wind blows’
  10. malcolm scarpa: ‘twenty small cigars’
  11. bustamante: ‘camarillo brillo'
  12. siniestro total: ‘camarillo brillo/stick it out’
  13. el nino gusano: ‘baby snakes’
  14. los marañones: ‘my guitar wants to kill your mama’
  15. guisante: ‘inca roads’

    hidden track
    caballero reynaldo: ‘harder than your husband’