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unmatched: ‘tributo a zappa, evangelino 2
    - all compositions by frank zappa

1997 cd spain hall of fame records hof-010-cd

a frank zappa tribute album (volume 2)

all compositions by frank zappa

  1. freses: ‘dog breath’
  2. teddy baxter: ‘tinsel town rebellion’
  3. caballero reynaldo: ‘i don't wanna get drafted’
  4. popular 66: ‘duke of prunes’
  5. taboo zoo: ‘yo, mama’
  6. beuron: ‘cock' suckers ball’
  7. joni kontrol band: ‘cocaine decisions’
  8. jesus rubio: ‘strictly genteel/holidays in berlin’
  9. choco crispis: ‘zomby woof/frogs with dirty little lips’
  10. los huespedes felices: ‘motherly love’
  11. destroy mercedes: ‘flower punk’
  12. los ninos de la cuchara: ‘promiscuos’
  13. el asunto tornasol: ‘wonderful wino’
  14. felpudo tos: ‘evelyn, a modified dog’
  15. kosmic muffin: ‘the son of mr. green genes/gumbo variations’
  16. superelvis: ‘elvis has just left the building’
  17. club de las madres deportivas: ‘mother people’
  18. los dirigbles: ‘uncle remus’
  19. all sex picken: ‘stevie's spanking’
  20. garby-breuss ltd.: ‘the return of monster magnet’

    hidden track
    caballero reynaldo: ‘stick together’