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unmatched phaze III - tributo a zappa
   – all compositions by frank zappa

1999 cd spain hall of fame hof-014-cd

(more or less) all compositions by frank zappa

  1. zappallitos: variaciones de eat the question
  2. siniestro total: catholic girls
  3. jon poole: brown shoes don't make it
  4. the masters of invention: stinkfoot variations
  5. caballero reynaldo: sex
  6. joaquin berridi & minimal fun: dinah-moe humm
  7. monterrey: wowie zowie
  8. zappallitos: dirty love
  9. román: king kong
  10. tobias entrecot: love of my life
  11. arfz!: watermelon in easter hay
  12. alius: mr.pinky

    hidden track
    caballero reynaldo: ‘medley’ (dirty love, duodenum, harder than your husband)