various artists

odd future talk presents - odd future unreleased vol.4
    - incl. tyler the creator: 'fuck this election' (samples zappa's 'sleeping in a jar')

2012 download  - odd future

  1. tyler the creator: fuck this election  > > >  samples frank zappa's 'sleeping in a jar'
  2. hodgy beats: kush on my mind  (produced by j hawk)
  3. mike g: untitled
  4. syd tha kyd: fog (instrumental)
  5. skoolie threehundred: freezer box (feat. jack mushroom) (produced by tyler the creator)
  6. jad: secret lover (feat. hodgy beats)
  7. tyler the creator: herpes on my lip
  8. pyramid vritra: green stars (instrumental)
  9. skoolie threehundred: breez (blow remix)  (feat. tyler the creator)
  10. hodgy beats: love melody
  11. jack mushroom: royalty (snippet)  (produced by tyler the creator)
  12. the super 3: beat
  13. tyler the creator: raw freestyle