various artists

who killed ralph? volume five
    - incl. various artists playing residents compositions

2017 download -- bandcamp


  1. ufo hawaii (feat jj jones): blue rosebuds
  2. enzo aprile: the touch
  3. brett spivey: come see the freak show
  4. toasty floyd: eloise
  5. browning mummery: don't tread on me
  6. thom eck: smelly tongues
  7. gefährliche klons: she go ha
  8. weirdly warm: diskomo
  9. mr mute: the census taker
  10. band name in limblo the simple song
  11. catscan!: fire
  12. brett spivey: bring back reality
  13. the inhabitants: farmers
  14. spivey & eck: picnic in the jungle
  15. mr mute: happy home
  16. the chubs: punchcard system idea
  17. bunny boy: stampede
  18. mr mute: song of the wild
  19. mr x: god in 3 persons
  20. mr mute: where is she
  21. mr mute: my windo