various artists

who killed ralph? IV
    - incl. various artists playing residents compositions

2017 download -- bandcamp


  1. buck tardley: edweena
  2. mute's band: ship's a going down
  3. duck stabber: blue rosebuds
  4. the evil corpses: sinister exhaggregator
  5. the chubs: hello skinny
  6. mr mute: end of home
  7. the inhabitants: kamikaze lady
  8. bunny boy: rabbit habbit
  9. brett spivey: smelly tongues
  10. mr mute: 44 no more
  11. purple johnson blimp situation: numb bardot
  12. mr mute: everyone come to the freak show
  13. brett spivey: dumbo the clown
  14. doghead: amber
  15. sir gonnella: bury me not
  16. brett spivey: vileness fats
  17. the unknowns: hello skinny
  18. slotorque: happy home
  19. bunny boy: fever dream
  20. doghead: smelly tongues
  21. brett spivey: weight-lifting lulu
  22. the aging musician: 44 no more
  23. enzo aprile: available theme II
  24. bunny boy: dead wood