various artists

who killed ralph? volume seven
    - incl. various artists playing residents compositions

2017 download -- bandcamp


  1. javier areal velez: perfect love
  2. lee james feat. pee wee travolta: living in vain
  3. the inhabitants: sinister exaggerator
  4. thom eck: romanian
  5. brett spivey: red rider
  6. toasty floyd: satisfaction
  7. tom-erik and uri: boxes of armageddon
  8. doghead: fire
  9. toasty floyd: rushing like a banshee
  10. toato jake  //  pk man: commercial album suite
  11. thom eck: model
  12. ive hapers: the simple song
  13. enzo aprile: easter woman
  14. moony moon: never known questions
  15. toasty floyd: beautiful dreamer
  16. mr mute: boxes of armageddon
  17. dj dizazter & my boyfriend the pilot: amber
  18. brett spivey: dumbo the clown
  19. daniel riggins: fire fall
  20. moony moon: twinkle
  21. thom eck: music box punchcard system II