various artists

wood panel pacer wagon with mags
    - incl. the kegal muscles: 'bow tie daddy'  (frank zappa)

1996 lp + 7" usa too many records tm 76

includes a booket
3200 copies pressed

side one

  1. the buckys: short song

  2. your mother: 0 sf

  3. the crudlers: girls best friend

  4. boris the sprinkler: time bomb tom

  5. against all authority: no government can give you freedom

  6. elmer: why i oughta

  7. buglite: too much sugar

  8. nothing cool: social commentary in 30 seconds or less

  9. the fumes: sister

  10. lizards: i'm a tyrant

  11. youth gone mad: loagees herb garden

  12. the carpet knights: irish cookie

  13. the rickets: cool enough for you

  14. violent society: wake up and die

  15. the automatics: king of the west

  16. less than jake: the summer of '69

  17. krupted peasant farmerz: slluks

  18. lupus: deep pit dog head

  19. strychnine: dead rats and oakland dog

  20. the slobs: bomb threat

  21. los huevos: ant house

  22. the hairy italians: all across the world

  23. the sissies: broken teeth

  24. no kill i: bonk bonk on the head

  25. vto: baja california

  26. the flies: barf bag

  27. the kegel muscles: bow tie daddy  (frank zappa)

  28. big comb: tanner boy

  29. sick-n-tired: sold

  30. plainfield: platinum edition

  31. hornswoggle: public service announcement #1

  32. mamarracho: summer camp '96

  33. men's recovery project: captured danish photographer

  34. the chili pimps: i like manure

  35. the poops: lottery special

  36. hallibutt: rose

side two

  1. gitchee gumee: pickle neck stew

  2. seven foot spleen: rank

  3. apeface: man kill man

  4. putrid cadaver: sharks prefer white (what about you?)

  5. lopez: bilbo baggins rock opera

  6. mulligan stu: go fuck yourself

  7. boba fett youth: okay, fine, i'll admit it, i hate everybody

  8. cause: speak

  9. dead silence: money

  10. black fork: furworm

  11. nuclear armed hogs: talk all you want

  12. judas iscariot: christian science

  13. salvo rain: mud pie parody

  14. ass missile: sex sells

  15. one eye open: dirty fuckin' scumbag

  16. life after johnny: herpe is a hypocrite

  17. freak in a jar: locust bean gum

  18. static: friends again

  19. haggis: 32nd street

  20. panic: new tattoo

  21. the nobodys: constipated again

  22. inept: breakin'...there's no stopping us

  23. eurich: dance slur

  24. the acrylics: ugly

  25. johnny one note: my life as a homosexual

  26. ferd mert: where to go

  27. all you can eat: the cartoon song

  28. the horny mormons: goat ropin'

  29. slick fifty: crazy for da polka

  30. the tito o' tito band: #6

  31. the panics: depending on you

  32. the cinnamon imperials: gift

  33. the nards: hot dog hall of fame

  34. j church: 30 second song

  35. junior: second 39

  36. operation: cliff clavin: i hate the grateful dead

  37. yukon jackass: trouble hook

  38. beef jerky: you stink

  39. schlong: poop tart

  40. sockeye: baby boogers

side one of the 7"

  1. blanks 77: 10 seconds

  2. the dinks: i don't know

  3. the independents: full moon arise

  4. kill the hippies: mathematicos

  5. berserkers: life on the edge

  6. reform control: destroy policy

  7. toilet of power: 2-ply

  8. 3:6: shit

  9. pizzle: the gas station attendant says he only has lights 100's blues

  10. kisses and hugs: gas fight

  11. leapfrog society: riptoff

  12. sheep squeeze: springtime in the park

side two of the 7"

  1. the cripples: big bear

  2. talshezar: spam

  3. magpie: upper

  4. unborn sf: bullshit riot

  5. grey spikes: bad dog

  6. the piss shivers: we rock, you suck, so fuck you

  7. rod & the ball bearings: ufo's

  8. neil smith and the flexapleasers: bad chicken suit

  9. submission hold: analysis of the sublimation of ethics through insincere and manipulitive means on the part of the power holders

  10. disgruntled nation: drunkmail

  11. fear of human: freebird

  12. last remaining pinnacle: breathe