various artists

zappa cover-competition
    - all compositions by frank zappa

1992 k7 nl gus productions

muffin men: 'kreegan bandola' (frank zappa)
coax: 'zoot allures' (frank zappa)
canus: 'blessed relief' (frank zappa)
appi stammeshaus: 'spider of destiny' (frank zappa)
m + m: 'uncle meat' (frank zappa)
herman grimme: 'peaches' (frank zappa)
hewy & lewy: ‘how's your bird' (frank zappa)
otto heini: 'zich dir beim tanzen' (frank zappa)
dj ijzerbrandt: 'filthy habits' (frank zappa)
onbekend: 'let's turn the water black' (frank zappa)
otto heini: 'absolut frei + blumenheini' (frank zappa)
hewy & lewy: 'wplj' (frank zappa)
easy meat: 'my guitar' (frank zappa)
hewy & lewy: 'the worlds greatest sinner' (frank zappa)
james light orch.: 'uncle meat var.' (frank zappa)
marco kalnenek: 'my guitar wants to' (frank zappa)
john v/d schaaf: 'black page ny vers' (frank zappa)
rik meesters: 'harry you're a beast' (frank zappa)
idiot bastard son: 'valerie' (frank zappa)
srdan dedic: 'at the party' (frank zappa)
muffin men: 'heavy duty judy' (frank zappa)
james light orch.: 'eat that / stinkfoot' (frank zappa)
john v/d schaaf: 'black page junk & hard' (frank zappa)
marco kalnenek: 'lucille has messed my mind up'(frank zappa)