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live in kyttaro - pop in athens
    - incl. exadaktylos: 'the road ladies' (= 'road ladies' (frank zappa))

1996 cd greece lyra 99090

re-release of the 1971 album

this album was re-released twice on CD in 1996. one time without the tracks from the 7" (lyra cd 3023), and one time with the tracks from the 7" (lyra cd 99090) including the zappa cover version.

  1. despina glezou: deodorants
  2. despina glezou: topical
  3. taxes & fines: disappointment
  4. exadàktylos: the forgotten well
  5. stella gadey and bourbouli: black sea
  6. socrates drank the conium: electric socrates
  7. exadàktylos: the underground  (= 'road ladies' (frank zappa))
  8. taxes & fines: gero-mathios