chenard walcker

From the Chenard Walcker website:
"Chenard Walcker was born october 12, 1998. He was raised upon a secret formula, so he is bound to wear a mask.
Soon he became a cut and paste addict. He made his first steps in the visual field, but soon let aside photocollages to concentrate only on music. has been online since march 2003 and presents a large selection of his work as a samplecore artist."

His "Heartbreak Pain Cafe' album includes lots of Beefheart samples. Actually, almost all the vocal parts on the album is Captain Beefheart's sampled voice. Chenard Walcker also contributed a composition (with Beefheart samples) to a compilation album called "People Doing Strange Things With Electricity Too".



  chenard walcker: heartbreak pain cafe
    (2005, download, internet, fsz036) - with captain beefheart's (sampled) vocals

  chenard walcker: the lotus opus
    (2005, download, internet, csr023) - including 'cream cheese' (ch.walcker), with zappa samples

chanwalcker_lotusopus.jpg (16244 bytes)

  various artists: people doing strange things with electricity too
    (2005, download, internet, csr054) - including 'electricity' (ch.walcker), with beefheart samples






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