freddie wadling

Freddie Wadling participated in the "The Music Of Captain Beefheart" project in 1995.

He also recorded Don Van Vliet's 'Ella Guru' for his "Something Wicked This Way Comes" album. The track can only be found on the vinyl version of the album.


  freddie w.: something wicked this way comes
    (1989, lp, sweden, radium 226.05 - ra050) - incl. 'ella gareu' (= 'ella guru' (don van vliet))

freddie_w_somethingwicked_lp.jpg (41305 bytes)


various artists: the music of captain beefheart
    (1996, cd ,swe, uae) - feat. morgan ågren, d.walley, jimmy ågren, mats öberg; all compositions by don van vliet




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