pete weiss and the rock band

we're an american band
- incl. 'bow tie daddy' (frank zappa)
2000 cd usa section 304 records

    pete weiss: guitars, bass, sylophone, synthesizer, piano, vocals
    stephen fredette: guitars, lap steel, bellzouki, mandolin, vocals
    emily jackson: drums, percussion, organ, vocals on 1
    malcolm travis: drums 1
    david fredette: lead guitar 1
    rich schroder: guitar 4
    pete woodward: drums 4
    peter linnane: organ  5, keys, vocals  6, bandoneon  8
    jeb ensslen: bass  9, pirate  8
    j.huss: translation  2
    brian charles: vocal coach

  1. we're an american band (grand funk)

  2. one after 909 (beatles)

  3. bow tie daddy (frank zappa)

  4. seagull woman (t-rex)

  5. swlabr (cream)

  6. zippah studio theme

  7. don't go '99

  8. pukin' rap

  9. boogie me timbers