robert williams

date with the devilís daughter
- feat.jeff morris tepper, bruce fowler, arthur barrow

1998 cd usa casual tonalities xocd9828

1998 studio recording

robert williams: drums, percussion, keyboards, bass, vocals
jimmy powers: harmonica
bruce fowler: trombone
george mcmullen: trombone
larry klimas: sax
stevie salas: guitar
mark schulz: guitar
mike miller: guitar
jeff moris tepper: guitar
greg araguine: guitar
arthur barrow: organ
rena neto: keyboards
gevorg torosian: keyboards
marco mendoza: bass
masato yamada: bass
terumi fukushima: percussion, vocals
mark mothersbaugh: vocals
miki orino: vocals
joan m. williams-theriault: vocals
peter faust: vocals
larry "wild man" fischer: vocals
yoko sawai: vocals
miari peterson: backing vocals
gaylianne harvey: backing vocals
yoko "honey bee" shinnoh: backing vocals

produced by robert williams 

  1. hello robert   (r.williams)

  2. barbara and jay (turbo mix)   (r.williams)

  3. between a fork and a knife   (r.williams, r.neto, m.mendoza)

  4. proof    (r.williams)

  5. trap door snake   (r.williams)

  6. john liar   (r.williams)

  7. barbara and jay   (r.williams)

  8. smoke and mirrors   (r.williams)

  9. frank and don and me   (r.williams)

  10. dry bones   (r.williams)

  11. my brother- in-law was abducted by aliens   (r.williams)

  12. your sister through the keyhole   (r.williams)

  13. large cat with rabbit head   (r.williams)

  14. private conversation   (r.williams)

  15. date with the devil's daughter   (r.williams)

  16. barbara and jay (reprise)   (r.williams)