robert williams

late one night
- feat.bruce fowler, arthur barrow, denny walley

1982 lp usa a & m records  amlh 64889

1982 studio recording

  robert williams: drums, vocals
  eric williams: guitar
  john bowen: keyboards
  peewee hill: bass
guests :
  bruce fowler: trombone
  hugh cornwell: guitar, backing vocals
  lawrence juber: guitar, backing vocals
  scott wilks: synthesizer
  arthur barrow: bass, synthesizer
  david leon: backing vocals
  denny walley: backing vocals
  jane wiedlin: backing vocals
  charlotte caffey: backing vocals
  danny elfman: backing vocals

produced by robert williams and joe chiccarelli

side 1

  1. late one night   (r.williams)

  2. within you without you   (g.harrison)

  3. roseanna   (r.williams, d.walley)

  4. refuse to suffer   (r.williams, e.williams)

  5. selfdestruction   (r.williams)

side 2

  1. let it slide   (r.williams, d.walley)

  2. grinding the gears   (r.williams, h.cornwell)

  3. gotta be nice   (r.williams)

  4. hungry   (r.williams, e.williams)

  5. never been in love   (r.williams, l.juber)