terry ware

buffalo tracks
    - incl. 'peaches en regalia', 'let's make the water turn black' (frank zappa)

2001 cd usa okiemotion

terry ware: guitar, bass, piano, organ, drums, ...
jim herbst: drums, guitar, percussion, mellotron, theremin  1,4,5,6,13
marlin butcher: bass  4,5
dan duggin: piano, synt  4,5
dave coe: alto sax  11
rita longhofer: vocal  11
kenny howard: bass, percussion 13

produced by terry ware

  1. caffeine dreams  (t.ware)
  2. bob's funhouse (t.ware)
  3. squirrel patrol (t.ware)
  4. hay fever waltz (t.ware)
  5. peaches en regalia (frank zappa)
  6. 3 part investigation (j.s.bach)
  7. around the block (t.ware)
  8. bob's evil twin (t.ware)
  9. cruisin' cleveland county (t.ware)
  10. drizzle (t.ware)
  11. let's make the water turn black (frank zappa)
  12. on the wing (t.ware)
  13. battle of midriff bulge (t.ware, k.howard)